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Our Products

We understand that businesses require flexible and tailored solutions to fuel their growth and achieve their goals. In this regard, we offer a range of capital raising and transaction advisory products designed to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and enterprises at every stage of their journey.

Most of our transaction advisory services are usually offered in the course of the capital raising process. Our typical capital raising process goes through the following steps: Investor eligibility and Readiness, Investor Preparedness, Investor Matchmaking, Due Diligence Support, Sell Side Due Diligence and Capital Raising and Structuring.


Facts Sheet

A Teaser gives a snapshot of a business or investment opportunity to investors and is utilized as the first contact document with investors.

Financial Model

Financial models forecast the financial performance of a business, project, or investment opportunity. Financial model can also be used for budgeting and planning, opportunity costing analysis and investment analysis.


Valuations determine the economic value of a business entity, an asset, liability, or investment. Valuations are utilized in estimating the value of a business for conversations with investors, fellow shareholders, resolving shareholder matters and determining the carrying value of portfolio.

Pitch Deck

Pitch decks provide a view of a specific aspects of a business or a business idea to potential investors, partners, or stakeholders.

Capital Raising

Investor Matchmaking

This involves identifying and pairing potential investors with businesses, projects, or financial products that align with the investors’ investment criteria, goals, and risk tolerance.

Due Diligence Support

We provide support and handholding services to businesses in the course of their due diligence processes This also involves preparing information and documentation needed by the investors during this process.

Sell Side Due Diligence

We assist businesses in identifying gaps in aspects of the businesses that may be undesirable to investors. This includes offering support to the client to gather information that may be requested by the investors.


We evaluate and negotiate ideal terms and ideal investment structures for clients during the final stages of the capital raising process.

Our Purpose

To contribute to Africa’s success by helping African businesses access capital. Our brand promise is to provide the fastest and most efficient capital raise.

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